Consulting and Team Building for Business

As part of Bushcraft for corporate Business I bring my knowledge, skills and expertise as a consulting services directly to you at your business premises or your preferred meeting location.

I work with the:

Motor Trade Plate Logistics Industry.

Motor Trade Industry.

Cleaning Industry.

Facility Industry.

Manufacturing Industry.



Services Industry.

Outdoor camping adventure.


And Many More.

As an experienced entrepreneur that has worked with these different business ventures who understands the needs of team building for companies, new start-ups, small, medium and large sized business. I will help give the services you require, to better you and your staff, so that your business will provide you and your clients with the results that is expected on time every time.

I always learn about your business in as much detail as possible, understand your market place, your competition, your plans for growth, your current or anticipated challenges and then we develop a strategy to help drive your staff so I can help your people not only accomplish your goals, but will exceed them and drive them with your growth. The team work, the drive and the excitement of Bushcraft can help do this.

Once the strategy is agreed upon by all parties we implement and engaging with your business and the process and the improvement will begin.

I also currently work with a large network of established businesses in Wales ranging from professional firms of accountants, solicitors, pensions organisations, education authorities, local government departments, and a vast range of industries that can help with our strategy to help our start-ups and SME’s across Wales.

With the significant amount of New Start-Up Businesses, ranging from manufacturing, retail, facility services, taxicabs and private hire, cafes bars, restaurants, gas and heating services, plumbers, electricians, self-employed railway staff so on.

It is surprising how the skills in bushcraft can help build and show staff how to overcome any problems, in all your Businesses.