The outdoors and wilderness can be about finding yourself and I am here to Advise, Give Information and Recommend Bushcraft Teachings and Survival from our ancestors and modern day techniques.

To help you leap forward when I can.

Anthony Jones(Tony Jones)(Tony Owl)(tonyjowl)AJBTS
Bushcraft & SurvivalAdvisor, Reviewer, Instructor, Assessor, Mentor and Coach
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Unfortunately Due to ill health I will only Be Advising, Giving Information and Recommending Bushcraft, Survival and Foraging Workshops, Courses, Walks & Talks and Equipment, Tools or products AVAILABLE By My Bushcraft, Survival and Foraging Friends, Their Businesses and Organisations they are members of Like


I will Only Recommend Businesses, Instructors, Courses, and People that are professional in their field and Equipment, Tools or products that I have used myself or my Friends and Their Businesses have used or recommend and have Reviewed personally.

I DO NOT CHARGE For Any Advice, Reviews, Information or Help I Can Give, but there will be payments to the individual Businesses, Instructors, Courses, People and equipment that I Recommended and if I can help recommend and give you this information I would very much appreciate if you could just make a small donation direct to one of the Charity Organisations below and it would be much appreciated.

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