About AJBTS 


Anthony Jones Bushcraft Teachings and Survival

My Name is Anthony Jones and at this time due to ill health I am only giving my advice and knowledge to people that may need help when I am able to.

The outdoors and wilderness is about finding yourself and I am here to Advise, Give Information, Recommend Bushcraft Teachings and Survival from our ancestors to modern day techniques, helping you leap forward in everyday life giving you the ability and knowledge with new confidence and new skills for everyday living.

AJBTS was a unique and refreshing way to help your well being, confidence and skills to resolve your goals and requirements in life.

As an experienced Bushcraft & Survival Advisor, Reviewer, Instructor, Assessor, Consultant, Mentor, Coach, and Entrepreneur, that has worked in the field within various ventures, I offered my skills of many years in Bushcraft and Survival to better the life of others and keep ancient skills alive. 

Because I understands the needs of people who want to learn more about themselves and this interesting rewarding talent of Bushcraft, Survival and Ancient Skills it is my pleasure to still be able to introduce you through recommending other instructors and businesses, who are professional in their fields, so they can bring you in to this wonderful platform, so that individuals and corporate business staff or anyone that has the interest to learn more about their well being, confidence, skills and team building to better themselves in life and the beautiful countryside which surrounds us.

The people, courses and equipment I recommend will be chargeable but I don't charge for anything I can help you with, but if you could give a direct donation by going to my links on the Home Page and click on one of the charity organisation Links  of your choice and making a small donation direct to the organisation then I would be very grateful.