Our ancient ancestors were the master Bushcrafters without even knowing it. From an early age they learnt which plants to use for food and medicine, how to create and control fire, what crafts could be created from the resources around them and how to ‘read’ the landscape and navigate through it using natural means.

There are a huge amount of different skills you can learn. However, because Bushcraft is such a diverse activity it would be impossible to learn everything there is to know in one lifetime. This only adds to the rewards the bushcraft offers.

Many people choose to specialise in mastering a specific discipline, such as Tracking, or Foraging for wild foods. While other people prefer to develop a broader understanding of as many aspects as possible. For the beginner, taking the first steps towards becoming at home in the wilderness can seem like a daunting prospect, simply because there is so much to take in at once.

Even for the more advanced bushcrafter there is always more to learn.

I have specialised in advising, teaching, assessing, and informing about Bushcraft and Survival Skills providing the knowledge and information for you to live in the wilderness helping self confidence while advancing your own abilities.

You’ll get to try loads of activities and gain information whilst having some brilliant fun reducing anxiety and gaining knowledge!

I Have now provided on this website Workshop and Courses Links for people and businesses that provide bushcraft and survival workshops, courses and Foraging, life skills that are required for the wilderness. Please go to Workshop and Courses Links or Foraging or you can go to the home page links.

I have worked closely with the local authorities, environment services and other organisations to ensure our wonderful countryside, where we participate bushcraft, survival and foraging services are kept in order and as we find it.

There are Youtube, Facebook and Twitter sites attached so please visit regularly for updates and information.

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